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Summer 2024
Picture at the steamtrain in Lundsbrunn
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Take the steam train or railcar to Lundsbrunn this summer.
Tuesdays and thursdays from 9/7 to 15/8
Saturdays from 6/7 to 27/7
Sundays from 30/6 to 25/8
Lundsbrunn's kurort celebrates 300 years
Lundsbrunns kurort
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Take the train to Lundsbrunn for the celebrations the 6th of july!
Local acts are interspersed with well-known and popular artists. The impersonator Anders Mårtensson will have you laughing, and Lasse Holm will be performing together with Johanna Beijblom.
Midsummer train
Steam train at Lundsbrunn station
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Go by train to Lundsbrunn for the midsummer celebrations 21:st of June!
Train departs at 2:00 pm from Skara station and returns from Lundsbrunn at 5:00 pm.
Book a train
The railcar in snowy Tveta
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To book your own train is perfect for the travel group, the wedding or the party!

Travel information


To bring animals is permitted provided allergic passengers are respected.


Weelchair bound passangers have to be able to board the train without the weelchair to travel with us.

There are platforms at all stops except Myråsen.

Strollers and bicycles

On locomotive trains strollers and bicycles are stored in a freight wagon and on the railcar in the cargo space. Feel free to ask our staff where to place your belongings.

It's strictly prohibited to store strollers and bicycles inside the passenger wagons!

Left something on the train?

Press here to get to the page for lost-and-found belongings.

Book a train!

For those who think that the ordinary schedule doesn't fits or for a larger group, it may be more suitable to book a whole train.